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50% linen canvas 50% cotton painting canvas

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Linen canvas refers to the fiber that makes the artist's canvas. Linen is made of linen fiber.

1. Linen fabric is woven from linen and the surface is not as smooth as chemical fiber and cotton. It has vivid concave and convex texture. The painter often uses the subtle and interesting material beauty of linen.

2, Linen canvas material is the strongest kind of fabric, its fiber strength is high, not easy to tear or puncture, can be scraped and pressed on the top of the palette knife.

3. Among the many linen and cotton fabrics, pure linen is the most ideal canvas.

Linen has good coloring properties.

4, coarse textured linen suitable for painting with a large pen, scraper, is an ideal canvas that presents a bold, hearty and fluent brush. The medium-density linen is flat and has a uniform texture, which is the most suitable expression method for the smear in the realistic style. Fine-textured linens are used in small pieces for fine painting styles.

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