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Antiseptic vinyl swimming pool pvc liner

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Swimming pool Liner film is the adhesive film installed at the bottom of the pool. It is currently mainly used in the inner wall and bottom of hot springs, baths, SPA, hydrotherapy and other places. It can not only achieve a good waterproof effect, but also very beautiful and elegant. Economical, environmentally friendly, and in line with the trend of development, at the same time, different colors and textures can be customized according to customer requirements.

Advantages of swimming pool liner:

1. Strong waterproof performance

For swimming pools, waterproofing is the most important. Traditional tiles and mosaics not only do not have the effect of internal waterproofing, but also easily fall off, bulge and crack under the condition of thermal expansion and contraction, which seriously damages the base layer waterproofing. The swimming pool film has a unique waterproof function, stable performance, and is not easy to fall off and deform, so that the swimming pool waterproof has a double protection function.

2. Easy installation

Another big advantage is that the construction period is short, the installation process is simple, it can be applied to any structure and it is easy to renovate. Traditional ceramic tiles and mosaics have a long paving cycle and require a lot of manpower and material resources. At the same time, once they encounter a complex structure, they will show their shortcomings, and the process is very cumbersome. In order to achieve the desired effect when repairs are needed in the future, it is often not necessary to repair where the problem occurs, but to repair a large area around it. The inconvenience is very obvious. The swimming pool adhesive film can be installed with a special adhesive, and the joints are sealed with cold or hot welding in order to prevent cracks on the surface and at the same time to obtain good internal and appearance effects. The seam can be strengthened and looks seamless. Because the swimming pool film itself is soft in texture, no matter what the structure and shape of the swimming pool can be easily constructed, it is particularly convenient.

3. Excellent performance

Traditional tiles and mosaics are easy to breed bacteria due to their special materials. Coupled with many joints, this has become an excellent place to breed bacteria and microorganisms. At the same time, it will pollute the pool water and bring health risks to swimmers. . The material of the swimming pool film has the characteristics of not easy to breed bacteria, strong anti-pollution ability, high elasticity, simple maintenance, and no need to drain water in winter. The swimming pool waterproof decorative film is of overall structure, plus the natural pressure of water, it will not fall off, and no repair and maintenance will be required in the later stage. The service life of Changyou swimming pool film is more than ten years, which greatly reduces the burden on operators.

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