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DERFLEX PVC tablecloth waterproof for home decoration

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Very delicate PVC tablecloth, soft texture, increased overall use, beautiful pattern design, enhance the overall value. The tablecloth pad specially designed for the small round table has a whole atmosphere of the atmosphere, and the PVC material has good high temperature resistance and is easy to clean at the same time.

PVC tablecloth

Ordinary tablecloths are too earthy. Nowadays, such oil-proof tablecloths have become popular, and the strength is also more beautiful and stylish. The design with a variety of styles is more beautiful and stylish, with a variety of colors mixed together, but without a mixed feeling, it seems more artistic. A tablecloth can be added to the home to give a more layered and ceremonial feel. Sturdy and wear-resistant linen, fresh and elegant style! Recommended ~ ordinary tablecloths need to be cleaned, and it is difficult to clean with oil stains, and sometimes there is the possibility of discoloration, which greatly affects the use.

PVC waterproof tablecloth

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