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Glossy Matte Cutting Plotter PVC Self Adhesive Color Vinyl Film For Letter Cutting

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The color of the cutting plotter film is bright, it is not easy to fade, the hiding power is strong, and the processing method is simple. Only the artwork is made on the computer, and the computer cutting plotter output is used. After the desired pattern is carved on the high-light lettering paste, the pattern is transferred to the transfer film. The final panel substrate is available. The lettering film is widely used in advertising sign making, shopping mall window text pattern production, display interface, body decoration, traffic system instruction text and so on.

Physical characteristics:


PVC thickness: 80um PVC color lettering film

Release liner: 120g

Glue: semi-removable transparent glue

Processing: Computer cutting plotter

Wide width: 0.61m/1.22m

Roll length: 50m

Packing: Carton/Tray

Outdoor durability: 2-3 years

Recommended use:


1)       Indoor and outdoor advertising (pattern/text) engraving

2)       Company fleet logo

3)       Indoor and outdoor guidance system

4)       Shopping mall glass window pattern production

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