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Good Quality PVC Sound Colth Barrier Sheet

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PVC Sound Colth Barrier Sheet is a kind of industrial fabrics made of PVC coated polyester fabric. Together with characters of flexible PVC, it can be used in many industrial areas which requires soundproof, privacy, and waterproof.

Material Structure:

PVC Soundproof Fabric is made of 5 layers: Top coating, PVC membrane, high tensile polyester fabric, PVC membrane & back coating.

Surface and back coating: According to requirement of outdoor durance, coating can be acrylic or PVDF. It is optional

PVC membrane layer: there are several PVC qualities levels which can be relevant to the crack after application;

Polyester fabric: different fabric size makes different strength of the PVC Sound Barrier Sheet

Main Specifications of PVC Sound Barrier Tarp

Product Name

PVC Sound Barrier Sheet

Basic fabric

1000D*1000D; 500D*500D; customized

Fabric density

20*20, 18*18, 9*9, customized

Surface coating

Acrylic, PVDF, or without

total weight

450gsm – 1600gsm

Breaking strength

L :1000N – 6000N/5cm

W:1000N – 6000N/5cm

Tearing strength


W:300 N/5CM



Color Fastness




Flame Retardant

B1, B2, NFPA-701, optional

Regular size (readymade)


Regular Roll size (PVC tarpaulin)

Width <5M, length customized


According to Pantoon or Ral Color Chart



1. Excellent soundproof effect, waterproof and durable, easy to clean, can be used repeatedly

2. Flame retardant of trioxide to PVC coating, good flame retardancy

3. Excellent weather resistance

4. Anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation performance

5. Excellent tensile, tearing and peeling resistance

6. Cold and environmental protection, soft and wear-resistant

7. Dust-proof, sand-proof, wind-proof, fall-proof, winter warm-up and other safety protection

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