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The chemical composition of PVC foam board is polyvinyl chloride, so it is also called foamed polyvinyl chloride board. It is widely used in the decoration of office, residential and public places.

Advantages of foam board:

1. Good insulation performance. The thermal conductivity is about 0.025, which is a good material for building insulation;

2, good waterproof performance. The foam pores are closed, with a closing rate of 95%, and rainwater will not seep through the pores;

3. Due to on-site spraying, an overall waterproof layer is formed, without seams, which is beyond the reach of any polymer coil, reducing maintenance workload;

4. Good bonding performance. It can be bonded to wood, metal, masonry, glass and other materials very firmly, not afraid of being lifted by wind;

5. It is suitable for repairing new or old roofs, especially for repairing old roofs. It is not necessary to remove the original waterproof layer and insulation layer, and only need to remove the ash and sand on the surface to spray.

6. Simple and fast construction. It can spray more than 200 square meters per day per job, which is conducive to grab progress;

7. The closing structure is simple. Spray foaming polyurethane ends without special treatment, which is greatly simplified. If you use coiled material, you need to leave a groove at the daughter's wall, and close it in the groove; if you cannot leave the groove, you need to use a flat iron seal to close the head, and apply caulking paste;

8. Good economic benefits. If the insulation layer and the waterproof layer are separated, not only the cost is high, but also the construction period is long, and the foamed polyurethane survives at one time;

9. Good aging resistance. According to foreign engineering summaries and research tests, it is known that the aging resistance of polyurethane foam can reach 30 years.


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