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Insect-proof agricultural mesh netting mesh fabric manufacturer

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Insect-proof net is a mesh fabric made by drawing polyethylene with chemical additives such as anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet as the main raw materials. Insect-proof net is a agricultural mesh netting. Non-toxic and tasteless, easy to dispose of waste. It can prevent common pests such as flies and mosquitoes. It is lightweight for routine use. If it is made of new materials and stored properly, it can last about 5 years.

The main feature of agricultural mesh fabric:

1. Good chemical stability. Alkali, acid, water, cement erosion, and

Other chemical corrosion; strong adhesion to resin, easily soluble in styrene and so on.

2. High strength, high modulus and light weight.

3. Good dimensional stability, stiffness, flatness, not easy to shrink and deform, good positioning.

4. Good impact resistance. (Due to the high strength and toughness of the fabric)

5, anti-mildew, insect-proof.

The role of insect nets

1. Pest control: Vegetables can be protected from insect pests, such as cabbage worm, diamondback moth, Spodoptera exigua, Spodoptera litura, yellow-leaf beetle, ape leafworm, aphid, etc. According to tests, the insect net has a 94--97% control effect against cabbage cabbage worm, diamondback moth, cowpea viburnum, and Liriomyza sativa, and 90% control against aphids.

2. Disease prevention: Viral disease is a catastrophic disease on many vegetables, mainly caused by insects, especially aphids.

Pass the disease. The pest control net cuts off the main route of transmission of pests, so it greatly reduces the infection of vegetable viruses, and the control effect is about 80%.

3. Adjust the air temperature, soil temperature and humidity: The rain-proof net room can reduce the precipitation in the net room, and the sunny day can reduce the evaporation in the net room.

4. Covering strong light: In summer, the light intensity is large. The strong light will inhibit the vegetative growth of vegetable crops, especially leafy vegetables. The insect net can play a certain role in shading and direct sunlight. The net shading rate is generally 20-25%.

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