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Manufacturer PVC stretch ceiling printing film in roll

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Ceiling film has become the material of choice for ceiling materials. The soft film is made of special PVC material, 0.18 -0.2mm, weighing about 180~320g per square meter, and its fire rating is B1. The soft film is formed by one or more cuts and is completed by high frequency welding. The stability of the soft film size is between -15 degrees Celsius and 45 degrees Celsius. The translucent film ceiling can be combined with various lighting systems (such as neon, fluorescent, LED lights) to create a dreamy, shadowless interior lighting effect. At the same time, the cumbersome, dangerous and small-piece assembly defects of glass or plexiglass have been abandoned, and it has gradually become a new decorative highlight.

PVC stretch ceiling film are lightweight structures that are suspended from the ceiling or mounted on the walls of homes, offices, industrial, sports and recreational facilities or recreational facilities, or on the walls of any other building. Its purpose is to enhance visual appeal. Space, but it also enhances acoustic properties, provides a sterile medical environment, and provides energy-saving benefits.

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