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New Pop Ceilings Designs printable PVC Stretch Ceiling Roll Film

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PVC stretch ceiling film can be used as an ideal substitute for replacing common gypsum board ceilings, pvc ceilings, mineral wool board ceilings, aluminum gusset ceilings and other common materials.

PVC ceiling film has a strong manufacturability. It is light, simple and elegant. It can match the designer's innovative design and the shape of the ceiling. It uses a special keel to create a variety of flat and three-dimensional shapes.

The ceiling film is mainly divided into a light film and a matte film.


1. The glossy mask, the soft film has a strong light sensation and produces a mirror-like reflection.


2. Matte surface, PVC ceiling film is second only to the glossy surface, but stronger than the basic film. The overall effect is pure and high-grade.


PVC ceiling film is a new type of environmentally friendly ceiling product. The specially treated PVC ceiling film can resist and prevent the growth of microorganisms (such as general mold) on the surface of the object. PVC ceiling film itself has anti-static function, so the surface will not be contaminated with dust. The soft film ceiling treatment only needs to be wiped with water regularly. If someone is dirty, such as oily smoke or sewage stains, they can be cleaned with a normal neutral detergent and then wiped dry with a towel. If you accidentally get the paint, you can use gasoline to clean it.

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