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PVC Flexible Ducting Water and Fire resistant Fabric

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DERFLEX always develop new PVC Tarpaulin products and customized products to meet customers' requirements. We are a Mine Ventilation Ducting Manufacturer.

Different treatment can be chosen during production, Anti cold, Anti UV, Anti mildew, Anti static, Flame retardant etc.

PVC Flexible Duct Fabric

PVC Flexible Ducting Host is mainly made of PVC Water and Fire resistant Fabric with supported by helix steel wire and black rubber strip. It is wear-and -tear proof for industial applications.  

Corrugated Duct Alternative has different shape, angle and elbow and cross jointed, to air leakage proof. easy transportation, convenient installment and connection. It is bond with high power, big diameter ventilation fans to supply air into intake adit, or change the air direction and air preessure. 

PVC Flexible Ducting

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