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UV Resistance Agricultural Anti Insect Net Mesh fabric

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The insect proof net is mesh fabric. The insect-proof net has both the function of shading and insect-proof. It is a new type of material for preventing vegetable pests in the field. Pest control nets can improve the emergence rate, seedling rate and seedling quality.

The anti insect net is a new type of agricultural covering material. It uses high-quality polyethylene as a raw material, and adds anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet chemical auxiliaries. It is made by drawing and weaving. It resembles a window screen. The correct storage life can be about 3-5 years. In addition to the advantages of shading nets, the biggest feature of vegetable insect nets is that they can prevent insects and diseases, greatly reduce the use of pesticides, and is a key technology for pollution-free vegetables.

1. Economic benefits of insect nets. The insect-proof net cover can realize no or little pesticide production in vegetable production, thus saving medicine and labor. Vegetables are of good quality and yield increase.

2. Social benefits of insect nets. It greatly improves the insect and disaster resistance of summer and autumn vegetables, and solves the problem of vegetable shortage that has long plagued leaders, farmers and citizens at all levels.

3. Ecological benefits of insect nets. Environmental issues have received increasing attention. Insect nets achieve the purpose of preventing insects through physical control.

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