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printable premium removable perforated vinyl film rolls

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The significant advantage of a premium removable perforated vinyl film is that it does not affect the visibility of the person inside the car when looking out from the car. window printable removable vinyl , its light transmittance can reach 5:5 (light transmittance is 50%), and the light transmittance is the same as that before the glass is posted, but the effects of the two are obviously different. After a single face, you can see a beautiful advertising picture. In this way, not only beautified the city, but also increased the advertising effect, because the use of removable glue, making the material better, safer, more convenient to use, and environmentally friendly. .

The advantages of perforated vinyl window film far exceed the price of the expensive solar film. The solar film becomes very hot and brittle under the sun's rays, and it is easy to curl. Of course, single-sided penetration can not only play the role of shading, because the sunlight has passed through the small hole on one side, the light has become very soft, and in addition, it can be partially lighted (a dozen times stronger than the solar film). Everyone sitting in the car can feel that posting a single-sided view is more clear and cooler than looking at the sun's film.

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