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reflector reflectivity warning tape roll strip with glue for truck

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Reflective strip

Monochrome: 125px*40m; 250px*40m; 375px*40m; 500px*40m

Two-color: 125px*40m; 250px*40m; 375px*40m; 500px*40m

Crystal lattice

White: 0.91*50/1.02*50/1.35*50/1.52*50M/volume

Other colors: 1.35*50M/volume


Reflective film

Level: Advertising, Engineering, Diamond

Specifications: 1.24M*45.7M/volume


Car sticker

3C body sticker specifications: 40M / volume

3M body sticker specifications: 45.7M / volume


Body strip

Color: red, white

Specification: 125px*375px

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